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As Pollution Levels Rising in Delhi, Vogmask is imported for protection

During President Obama's visit to India, the American embassy in Delhi installed air purifiers and that in turn has set off a trend with more consulates asking for air purifiers being installed in the offices and in homes. The turn of events is not surprising given that study after study has warned of the ever rising pollution levels in the capital. A study by the WHO says Delhi now surpasses Beijing for its pollution levels. For those who are exposed to Delhi's polluted air, an effective mask would be a great help. Therefore, Vogmask is the perfect choice to protect people from air pollution. This N99 mask is designed for the highest particulate protection and will last for 5-6 months in Delhi’s polluted air.

Vogmask is the leading anti-pollution mask available in India - using a revolutionary microfiber filtration fabric, it filters an average of 99.978% of particulate matter such as tiny PM 2.5 particles. Vogmask meets US FDA 42 CFR Requirements for N99 rating, meaning they outperform N95 masks. Vogmask come in sizes suitable for babies, young children, teens and adults. They require no filter changes, and can be used for hundreds of hours without replacement.

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Scenes From 21st-Century China

The AtlanticThe People's Republic of China, the most populous country, and the second-largest economy, in the world, is a vast, dynamic naion that continues to grow and evolve. In this, the latet entry in a semi-regular series on China, a homemade 3-ton tank, a man inflating tires with his nse…designer Vogmask with air filters providing protection from PM 2.5 particles


2014-07-23The Atlantic

Pollution Mask Couture Masks Debut on Hong Kong Catwalk

Wall Street Journal“Fashionistas no longer have to choose between looking stylish and protecting their lungs. Next week, Beijing- and Hong Kong-based designer Nina Griffee, owner of face-painting and body art company Face Slap, will introduce a new line of outfits that incorporate face masks on the runway as part of a collection at Hong Kong Fashion Week….The outfits incorporate Vogmask pollution masks—already a choice among many of the pollution cognoscenti as the most stylish face coverings…


Models flaunt Vogmask at HK Fashion Week

chinadMoels present ceations by British designer Nina Griffee, including designer face masks that provide protection from PM 2.5 particles, at the ong Kong Fashion Week for the spring and summer 2015 trends, in Hong Kong on July 8, 2014. The Hong Kong and Beijing-base designer is currently working on a collaboration with Vogmask, China to integrate airfilters into clothing. (Photos by Edmond Tng / China Daily)


2014-07-08China Daily

9 things that make air pollution bearable

Can face masks becocnnme fascnnhionable? Beijing-based designer and body painter Nina Griffee hopes so. She has created a line of womenswear that incorporates air filters made by Vogmask. The dramatic designs in basic black with fuschia highlights will debut at the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer between July 7 and 10. Some of the looks are reminiscent of burqas, covering the entire head and face, with just the eyes of the wearer exposed -- but it will sure keep the body protected from air particles