They are really comfortable, and above all, even if you use them for a long time, they don’t get wet! My daughter wears one every day while cycling to school, she has not complained about the mask being too hot or too tight!

We cycle every day, rain or shine, and so far I had only used the regular fabric masks, and tried some japanese non-woven ones that my little one refused to wear! I think it’ll be Vogmask for us from now on.
Isabelle Justo, Beijing Mother

The mask is very easy to carry, and to wear, it stays quite well on the face, I cycles fast with the mask on, the mask stays quite well. Also, after 20 minutes of fast cycling, the mask stays dry and comfortable.
Paul Gao, Beijing cyclist and Businessman

I used the mask today from home to the Embassy and back on my bike. Some of the advantages as I see it is the fabric that is softer and more comfortable, the fit is better than the Respro mask especially around the nose and it is easier to stow away.
Rune Ejler Moesgaard Andersen, Danish Embassy, Beijing

Talk about service, the masks arrived this afternoon! We are impressed with how comfortable they are to wear, as well as the fit. We will put them to good use here in Shenyang. Thanks again for being so helpful. Your assistance was greatly appreciated.
Karen Rideout, Shenyang, China