Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the classification for Vogmask?

Vogmask is designed as Filtering half masks to protect against particles.Our product is Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Certified KF-94,GB2626-2006 Personal Protective Equipment Certified KN95, and in assessment for CE Mark Class III Medical Device - filtering half masks for particles, against EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 for EU market. Vogmask conforms to NIOSH N99 filter efficiency as stated in 42 CFR Part 84.181.
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What size should I order?

Weight based Size Recommendations:
  • Small 25-50 lbs / 11-22 kg
  • Medium 51-130 lbs / 23-58 kg
  • Large 130-200+ lbs / 59-90 kg
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What should I do if the ear loops tug on my ears and bend my ears forward?

 Try stretching the ear loops to maximum length two or three times, and then trythe mask on again for size and comfort.
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Where is the filter and can it be replaced?

The particle filtering textile and the carbon filter are sewn into the middle layers ofthe mask and are the same dimension as the outer faceblank. The filter is notreplaceable. After the useful life of the mask, the entire mask has to be replaced.
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What is the disk on the side of the mask?

The disk on the side of the mask is a one-way exhalation valve designed to addcomfort to the wearer by the free exit of moisture and CO2. Valved respiratorsprotect the wearer from inhalation of airborne hazardous contaminants.
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Does the exhalation valve filter the exhalation of the wearer?

No, the exhalation valve is made of three parts: a valve base, a siliconemembrane (stopper), and a valve cover. The silicone stopper opens with thepressure of exhalation, and returns to closed position to prevent inward leakage.
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Can the valve be taken off for washing?

No, the valve is permanently heat sealed to the mask. It is fine to get it wet. Thiswill clear it of microscopic dust and particles. If the valve on your mask fallsapart, do not use the mask. Contact us for a replacement.
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What are the maintenance and washing instructions?

Mildly rinse outer and inner layer with water, add a small drop of liquid soap (likedishwashing liquid), rinse again and hang dry. Store in a clean dry place free ofdust. Do not store in plastic bag unless fully dried.
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Is it normal to feel resistance when inhaling through a mask?

Yes there is breathing resistance in any high efficiency particle filteringfacemask. For most people, once you are not thinking about it, the resistance isnot an issue, and the body is inhaling sufficient oxygen. The inhalationresistance on our product is well within the acceptable range specified byNIOSH:Test Procedure(s): Standard Test Protocol (STP) Number: STP0145 Rev 03
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