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Air Pollution is proven to have close links to severe repertory and other illnesses. This is particularly so in children. It is strongly recommended that you wear a mask when the Air Quality Index, AQI, goes above 200. The level should be 180+ for younger children. For ‘sensitive groups’ such as pregnant women, the elderly and those with repertory illnesses a mask should be worn above 50 AQI.

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You can read about the scientific testing data, certifications and documentation by clicking the link for each document below.

1) EC Type Examination Certificate, Certificate Number: CE 642133

2) EC Quality Control System for the Final Product, Certificate Number: CE 642134

3) Qualitative Fit Test performed by Professional Fit Testing Services – The masks passed every test in various positions.

4) Quantitative fit testing report – Performed by Fast Response On Site Fit Testing (FROST) Vogmask passed the quantitative Fit Testing (100%) with an average filtration factor of 139. If the Fit Factor exceeds 100, then the Fit is considered safe by United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards.

5) Detailed Specifics of the Mask Design – the inner layer is a patented microfiber technology produced by the world’s leading textile manufacturer.


Fast Response On Site Fit Testing (FROST) performed Fit Testing on the new manufacture of Child’s Vogmask according to Protocol OSHA 29CFR1910.134 using a Portacount 8038 Respirator Fit Tester. We exceeded US FDA pass by nearly 140%

*(OSHA is the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, part of the US Department of Labor)